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Mahali Mzuri BOH, Kenya


Aitong, Kenya

Project Size:

70 kW

Carbon Reduction:

52 tonnes/yr

image of mahali mzuri boh in kenya with solar monitored by empati

Mahali Mzuri is a tented luxury safari camp in the Kenyan bush. It has recently benefitted from the installation of a solar PV system. For the Front of House, this reduces noise pollution and smell often produced by generators and other carbon-emitting technologies that have been used in the past. Thus, guests are able to experience a quieter, more relaxing experience during their stay. For the Back of House, this results in a better working atmosphere and reduces employee exposure to hazardous toxins. For the business as a whole, this increases the quality of service and profit, as well as ensuring that employees are working in healthy and supportive environments.

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