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Empati Carbon Standard

Find out more about the technologies that drive Empati. Our platform is dedicated to advancing a greener carbon transition economy. With our CausalTrace technology, each CO2 Abatement (CO2a) token represents a tangible step towards reducing global carbon emissions. 

We're committed to providing a transparent, fungible, tradable and reliable system that supports stakeholders worldwide in their removal efforts. Join us in making a measurable difference in our planet's future.



True Fungibility

Empati is collaborating with standards-setting organisations to define CO2a as a fungible unit. These standards ensure that:

  • All tokens are created equal - regardless of origin or creation time, each CO2a token holds the same value.

  • Divisibility - tokens are divisible down to individual grams.

  • Ensuring uniformity - CO2a tokens can be influenced by variables, including weather and energy usage. This variation is accounted for using data-driven methodologies.

  • Fungible throughout time - 

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