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Weaponising Capital in the War on Climate Change

Our Vision

To Start a Carbon Revolution

Empati technology can create a  revolution in energy tracking - where precision meets real-time insights. At our core, we are dedicated to driving decarbonization efforts with an unwavering commitment to accuracy and speed.


In a world where every second matters, we monitor energy at the sub-second level, attributing carbon emissions and identifying carbon mitigation opportunities with unparalleled precision.


Measured in Real-Time

Our patented cutting-edge technology enables us to capture energy data in real-time, offering ubiquitous monitoring across all sectors.


With precise information at our fingertips, we can attribute carbon emissions accurately and quantify carbon mitigation instantaneously, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.

To Stem the Flow of Carbon

We firmly believe that true decarbonisation lies in stemming the flow of carbon, rather than simply reducing existing carbon stocks.


By providing the necessary tools to attribute carbon emissions swiftly and precisely, we facilitate the correct pricing of carbon. This, in turn, drives capital to flow rapidly and effectively into the sector, propelling the decarbonisation agenda forward.


By Weaponising Capital

Welcome to a world of industrial precision, where we combine real-time energy tracking with a laser focus on decarbonisation.


Our mission is to unlock the true potential of sustainable growth, ensuring that every step taken is a step closer to a greener future.


Together, we can harness the power of digital precision to drive decarbonisation efforts and make a lasting impact on our planet.

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