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Mobilising Capital to Combat the Climate Crisis

The Carbon Standard

Our platform is dedicated to advancing a greener carbon transition economy. Utilising CausalTrace technology, each CO2 Abatement (CO2a) token represents a tangible step towards reducing global carbon emissions. 

We're committed to providing a transparent, fungible, tradable and reliable platform that supports stakeholders in their removal efforts. Join us in making a measurable difference in our planet's future.

Zero Marginal Cost Revolution

AI's role in the energy sector transcends mere operational efficiency. It is the harbinger of a zero marginal cost revolution, where the cost of generating additional units of power through renewables like solar and wind becomes negligible.


AI, through iterative optimisation, will inevitably select these renewable sources over fossil fuels, not only for their environmental benefits but also for their unparalleled economic advantages.

real-time carbon tracking
real-time carbon tracking
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real-time carbon tracking
real-time carbon tracking
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Empati carbon tracking dashboard

AI-Driven Decarbonisation

The AI-driven shift to renewables is not just an environmental imperative but an economic one. By choosing a path of decarbonisation, AI extends the economic viability of our planet, delaying the adverse effects of climate change.


This strategic choice enhances the NPV of global GDP, as a healthier planet promises sustained economic activity and prosperity.

Financing the Future

The transition to a carbon-free power matrix, while capital intensive, is economically rational. The CAPEX required for renewable energy infrastructure can be rationalised against the backdrop of a higher future economic return.


AI, with its predictive prowess, will guide the world economy to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring that the investment in renewables is covered by the increased economic gains of a prolonged planetary lifespan.

real-time carbon tracking
real-time carbon tracking
real-time carbon tracking
real-time carbon tracking
Empati carbon tracking dashboard
real-time carbon tracking
real-time carbon tracking
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Carbon Footprint

AI for a Sustainable Future

In our manifesto, we articulate a future where AI is the architect of a sustainable economic renaissance.


It is a future where the economic calculus of energy is irrevocably altered, where the benefits of a carbon-free power matrix are not just ecological but profoundly economic.


We call upon the world to embrace this vision, to invest in AI and renewables, and to work towards a future where economic enlightenment and planetary health are one and the same.

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