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Green Hills

Unleashing the Power of Real-time Carbon Tracking

Empati Technology

Empati leverages W3C-PROV, a decade-long development by web pioneers and AI professionals.


Our technology enables real-time carbon tracking, creating validated, high-fidelity data across entire energy ecosystems. With this foundation, we unlock limitless possibilities for digital twins and other innovative applications.


Discover how we revolutionise carbon tracking, drive sustainability, and shape a decarbonised future.

Energy PROV

/ Where it Originated

The W3C PROV (Provenance) specification was developed by the esteemed World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) with the aim of addressing the challenges of trust in the realm of big data. Its primary objective is to capture and represent the history and origins of digital artefacts, ensuring transparency and accountability.


The consortium responsible for the development of W3C PROV comprises world-leading researchers from various domains, alongside notable companies such as GSK, Microsoft, Oracle, and JP Morgan.

/ Empati's Ontology

Our ground-breaking technology builds upon the foundation of W3C PROV, utilising it as a base, and extends its capabilities with our proprietary carbon-focused ontology called Energy PROV. This innovative combination enables us to match energy generation with energy consumption at an unprecedented frequency: every fraction of a second. By leveraging our unique ontology, we achieve precise alignment between energy production and consumption, ensuring the accurate tracking and verification of carbon content.


Through our carbon focused PROV ontology, our technology autonomously matches and verifies this match between energy generation and consumption using metadata and sensor fusion techniques. This powerful fusion of data and provenance enables us to provide real-time insights into the carbon emissions associated with specific energy consumption.


Our solution goes beyond traditional energy tracking approaches. It empowers industries and organisations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their energy footprint and precisely attribute carbon emissions at unprecedented frequency. By adopting our technology, businesses can make informed decisions, drive effective decarbonisation strategies, and contribute significantly to global sustainability goals.

/ Why Now?

The prevalence of greenwashing in the carbon sector has been a significant issue undermining genuine sustainability efforts. A lack of trustworthy data has perpetuated the problem, hindering meaningful progress. However, with the implementation of Energy PROV, we can now measure and attribute carbon emissions in real-time with unparalleled precision.


The timing is critical. By utilizing PROV, we have the means to address the trust deficit that has plagued the carbon debate. Our technology empowers industries and organisations to accurately account for carbon emissions, paving the way for genuine environmental progress and countering the misrepresentation of green initiatives.

Energy PROV: How it works

Empati Platform

diagram showing how energy prov works
image of  empati connections design

Digital Twins

/ The Core Concept

In the era of interconnected systems, the concept of digital twins has emerged as a game-changer for optimising systems. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical system or process that provides a real-time representation of its behaviour and performance. It enables organisations to gain valuable insights, simulate scenarios, and make data-driven decisions for improved operational efficiency.

/ Unlocking System-wide Optimisation with PROV

At Empati, we understand the pivotal role that PROV plays in capturing high-fidelity data across complex systems, enabling a holistic understanding of interdependencies and paving the way for system-wide optimisation.

By leveraging PROV's capabilities, digital twins become more than just replicas of individual components or processes. They become powerful tools for modeling and simulating the entire system as a cohesive unit. With PROV's data lineage and validation mechanisms, digital twins can accurately account for the intricate interconnections and dependencies among various actors within the supply chain.

This system-wide perspective empowers organisations to optimise the entire system rather than focusing solely on individual elements. By understanding the ripple effects of changes and decisions, businesses can identify opportunities for efficiency improvements, cost reductions, and sustainability enhancements.


24/7 Green Power

Empati's Digital Twin to optimise hydro generation transforms fluctuating solar energy into reliable 24/7 baseload power.


Our Digital Twin leverages advanced predictive modeling and satellite imagery to balance solar irradiance, water inflows, and interdependencies between dams. By flattening solar generation fluctuations, our solution ensures uninterrupted power supply while preserving sustainable water levels. This innovative approach bridges the gaps in solar availability, reducing reliance on backup sources.


With our digital twin, we unlock the potential for continuous baseload power, merging solar and hydro generation seamlessly for a sustainable energy future.

Mobility Optimisation

Empati's Digital Twin optimises mobility solutions through high-fidelity simulations. Our Digital Twins provide precise insights into vehicle movements, vessel navigation, and more, enabling us to optimise charging infrastructure placement, green hydrogen generation, and congestion management.


By aligning charging demand with green energy availability, our clients achieve efficiency and sustainability goals. With virtual environments that replicate real-world scenarios, we leverage data and advanced modeling techniques to anticipate mobility demands, and reduce environmental impact.


Embracing our digital twin solutions empowers our clients to make informed decisions, shape a greener future, and drive economic growth.

Grid Optimisation

A grid Digital Twin provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimising power flows across the entire supply chain. By capturing high-fidelity data and insights, we can gain a holistic view of active power flows, reactive power flows, reserve power, and ancillary services on the grid.


A grid Digital Twin integrates predictive power demand based on various factors, including general activity and exceptional events like disasters or sports events, enabling proactive management of power flows and reactive power on the grid.


This valuable information supports capacity expansion and upgrade decisions, determines optimal grid connections for solar farms and EVs, and seamlessly integrates with other digital twins, as power supply plays a vital role in a comprehensive ecosystem.

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