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Lakeside Straw Huts

Our Community Initiatives

We need to make enormous cuts to limit carbon emissions by 2030 if the climate crisis is to be abated. This can be achieved anywhere; one tonne of carbon abated on the other side of the world has the same planetary impact as one tonne of carbon abated in your home country. The difference lies in the cost price of each tonne abated. By way of example, a solar microgrid where energy allocation constitutes 30%-30%-40% to cooking, water pumps and auxiliary energy could yield an approximate $30 per tonne cost of carbon abatement. 


So, the rural, non-connected communities which emit significant amounts of carbon through their use of unclean energy sources offer the opportunity for carbon abatement through community energy programs at a lower cost, and a higher climate impact. Such programs also offer wider social and health benefits such as increased energy security, financial stability, more time for children to study, decreased risk of cardiopulmonary issues and child mortality rates. We believe that these projects need to be rolled out as fast as possible, with the main issue hindering their expansion being the quality of carbon credits, where both investors and philanthropic capital remain hesitant due to the uncertainty around the levels of carbon being abated.


Empati offers a holistic, data-driven approach to community energy projects; our technology monitors carbon mitigation in real time, verifying all carbon measurements with satellite imagery and other metadata to ensure the greatest certainty in all carbon values. Continuous, automated AI verification of carbon mitigation will bridge the data gap hindering confidence in carbon markets, driving a higher carbon price and enabling faster, wider expansion of carbon mitigation projects. Through the application of our CARBON-PROV technology, we are monitoring real-time renewable energy production and carbon abatement across small-scale commercial projects in Kenya that have both a positive carbon impact and wider social and economic benefits.

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