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Catching a Wave

Revolutionising Carbon Tracking.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it"

Peter Drucker

Druckers writings comprise the philosophical and practical foundations of modern business.

Accuracy Underpins Everything

For far too long, the inability to accurately quantify carbon abatement has hindered our ability to address the core challenges of climate change.


We have overcome this barrier by directly measuring carbon content and abatement through time and space to the highest (99.5% certainty) accuracy in the market.

Claims of "Carbon Neutral" or "100% renewable powered" are currently thrown around with no credible backing.

We firmly believe that carbon claims should undergo the same rigorous scrutiny as their financial counterparts.

To achieve this, we advocate for the introduction of the carbon P90 benchmark, where all carbon claims can only be made if they have a  90% certainty of being true.

It is time to embrace true carbon accuracy.

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Empati Solutions:

Future Carbon-first Utilities

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Empati technology allows utilities to shift toward a carbon-based utility.

Our technology empowers the consumer to see the exact carbon content of their energy consumption, and offers them ways to reduce their carbon footprint by modifying their energy consumption or, alternatively, by investing in carbon abatement projects across the globe that are monitored by Empati-DMRV.

Application areas:

  • Utilities

  • Smart-meter owner/operators

Digital MRV

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Achieving accurate carbon certification necessitates a new, transformative approach. Immutable Carbon Certification, powered by Empati-DMRV, utilises real-time carbon tracking to provide unparalleled certainty in determining the carbon abatement of activities.


Application areas:

  • Clean Cookstoves

  • Renewable Agriculture

  • Renewable Microgrids (see our active projects here)

Causal Carbon Counterfactual

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To achieve 90% of global decarbonisation, we must rapidly boost renewable energy adoption. A key strategy to achieve this is by creating additional revenue through carbon credits, derived from avoiding activities like fossil fuel combustion.


Empati's Causal Artificial Intelligence calculates the carbon counterfactual for placing renewables on the grid at different places, and at different times, paving the way for accelerated global decarbonisation.

Application areas:

  • Grid Operators

  • Utilities

  • Digital MRV for Carbon Credits

Advanced Simulation

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We have developed technology that can predict rainfall, and dam water levels using satellite imagery. This allows us to optimise the operation of dams to be completely cohesive with additional renewable generation, increasing the amount of carbon mitigated by pure solar and wind projects, and hence increasing the carbon revenue from these projects.

Based on decades of research we have developed advanced agent based simulation software that can model complex systems such as the energy grid, or traffic networks. This allows us to optimise systems rather than individual assets, achieving better results than other simulation techniques and services.

Application areas:

  • Hydro optimisation with variable renewables

  • EV charging station optimisation

  • Smart-Grids

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